Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Into my car this morning
Looked out through the cracked
dew covered windshield
The light pouring over and into the cracks
looking for life
I was listening to
"Concering the UFO Sighting
Near Highland, Illinois",
Out onto University Avenue
The few cars plunging into nothing
speeding to god knows where
Everyone was dead
or at least half a corpse
Caseys for caffeine to
bring me back to life
Stubbly men, disheveled women
and those who were extra careful
(who did they think they impressed?)
Migrant workers buying pizza (at 7 a.m?)
coffee, every kind of jarring
chemical conglomerate,
beer, nicotine, candy, jerky.
I got back into the car
and drove off back into
the light.


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